New Mexico Nomad is about promoting New Mexico, drawing upon the cross-generational appeal of art, culture, food, outdoor recreation, travel, photography, and history. By covering many subjects, New Mexico Nomad piques interest among locals and provokes interest nationally and internationally.

Local companies that rely on tourism and those that focus on activities, history or food are a good ‘fit.’ Furthermore, the opportunities for collaboration often extend beyond one campaign, particularly when the service, activity, destination or product coincides with the type of content that the Nomad audience has come to expect.

Examples: Existing sponsors include Ted Turner Expeditions, Taste the Tradition (NM Dept. of Agriculture), Hatch Chile Store, and Inn of the Mountain Gods.

New Mexico Pinon Company

Integrating content related to nature, history, food, activities and tours is appealing, because the Nomad audience is looking for places to go and things to do. Providing suggestions and adding to people’s bucket lists is the point. It is like being an online concierge/digital DJ> Based on working with companies that coincide with the content, the audience following New Mexico Nomad perceives posts as useful information rather than advertising.

Content Sponsorship

Creating evergreen content is central to the long term objectives of New Mexico Nomad. Content sponsorships are ideal for travel and tourism partners who are interested in highlighting their area. Travel, outdoor recreation, history, geology, paleontology, archaeology, culture and food are the primary topics, with a steady supply of aesthetically appealing photos and interesting videos. Additionally, the process of researching new articles generates the photos and videos for the website and third-party links, which supplies the social media channels. The goal is to create evergreen content that can generate interest over an extended period of time. I will be integrating sidebars that promote local businesses regionally. For example, content related to areas near Las Cruces will feature Las Cruces businesses, including dining and lodging.

I approach sponsorships based on identifying opportunities to leverage Nomad to achieve specific goals. However, if I don’t believe New Mexico Nomad will be an effective partner, I am candid about it. Authenticity and integrity are critical to long term success and I take into account what is useful to the Nomad audience and what is beneficial to my local partners.

Southwest Expeditions

Locals Only

New Mexico Nomad was created to promote local businesses. Google AdWords is not allowed, because there is little control over who appears on the website. Currently the ads on the website are associated with the campaigns and all of the participants in the campaigns are selected based on whether I would legitimately recommend them to family and friends.


I share articles every 6 weeks on Facebook and once per month on Twitter, using different visuals to keep the post “fresh.” Content from articles and blogs provide the copy for micro-blogs on Instagram. I post all articles to Pinterest as well.

Short Form | $350

  • Shorter content (500 – 1000 words)
  • Less research involved
  • Template with no additional marketing options for locals

Long Form | $500

  • Longer content (1000+ words)
  • More research involved (e.g. Chaco Canyon, Road Trip pages, Community Pages, etc)
  • Design options that facilitate promoting locally owned businesses, esp. activities, dining, lodging and travel resources, via hyperlinks, banners, sidebars, etc.
  • Google AdWords is not implemented. Only locally owned businesses are featured.

Social Media Partnerships


Intended to increase reach of existing content and to accelerate audience growth of social media platforms. For more information about post value or metrics related to each platform, please see the 2018 data for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Additional Social Media Options

Facebook Live Streaming $300
Twitter Live Streaming $250
Instagram Live Streaming & Stories $250
Short Videos (for embedding, YouTube, Instagram, etc) $300
Instagram Posts/Micro Blogs $250


Social Media Campaigns | Cost varies. Options are endless

New Mexico Nomad has a strong presence across three platforms. Each audience is different, which facilitates multi-platform campaigns. I develop campaign parameters based on objective and the cost is based on the amount of time involved and the number of platforms/posts involved. When it comes to campaigns, I don’t approach things in terms of one size fits all. I tailor promotions based on defined objectives and outcomes. My ideas are better when I understand the challenges, the obstacles, and the goals.

For example, New Mexico Nomad will be hosting a live streaming session on Twitter in Zuni at the end of March or early April. I am inviting the Nomad audience to learn more about Zuni. I will publicize the event for 4 weeks prior to the event. Kenny Bowekaty, the main tour guide in Zuni, will be available for 1-2 hours to field questions about Zuni. We will be tracking data related to the event, including assessing impact on tour bookings for the 30-60 days following the event. Based on the demographics of the Twitter audience, I believe this is something that people following Nomad will really enjoy and that it will simultaneously boost interest in Zuni. Depending on response, we are considering a second round on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook in early spring during the night dances.

Zuni Tours



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