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The Adventures & Experiences campaign promotes outdoor activities and travel, targeting locals who are interested in weekend getaways, as well as travelers nationwide and internationally. The goal is to entice people to explore New Mexico and to add to their bucket lists by highlighting fun and interesting options. As a result, I try to maximize the variety presented while deliberately minimizing the competition, e.g. one balloon company in Albuquerque and one in Taos or rafting companies that specialize in different sections of the Rio Grande.

I designed the Adventures & Experiences Campaign based on fundamental marketing tenets and the ability to produce verifiable results, with a specific focus on consistency and cost. Most small, locally owned businesses don’t have substantial marketing budgets, which makes the use of traditional media cost prohibitive. Additionally, New Mexico’s saturated media market creates narrow niches, which means using one media resource usually doesn’t reach a business owner’s prospective client base. Furthermore, traditional media has become stagnant in terms of adding large numbers of new readers, listeners or viewers yearly.

The New Mexico Nomad audience is growing by 3,000-5,000/month on average. All campaigns are annual to maximize exposure and to provide consistency and repetition. The cost for a listing is comparable to a one month ad in Local Flavor magazine or a small ad for a couple of weeks in the Weekly Alibi; however, the cost doesn’t reflect the value. The purpose of this project was to develop a large audience and to make it accessible and affordable for small businesses.

Participants are welcome to change copy, photos, and video throughout the year. I track traffic to the webpage and can generate reports related to the reach of individual posts. However, there is a fee for comprehensive annual reporting due to the time involved.

Adventure Pricing Plans

Basic Listing | $500/year

The basic listing appears as a post on the Adventures page. Twitter and Facebook posts generate most of the traffic. Additionally, campaigns and participants are promoted throughout the website via banner ads and sidebars.

  • Up to 300 words of copy
  • Up to 3 photos (hi resolution, horizontal preferred)
  • Hyperlink/Logo needed

Example | Please keep in mind that the new website has been up since January 1, 2019 when reviewing likes and views on current posts.

Premium Listing (Limited to 10/year) | $750/year

The premium listing allows businesses to provide more history, to tell their story, or to provide more detail related to products or services offered. The expanded content allows for more photos, videos or slideshows to pique the interest of prospective clients.

Furthermore, by telling a story and delving into more detail, the post becomes viable as a stand alone post. Premium posts are shared separately from the Adventure page, which increases exposure and impressions. Premium listings are highlighted on the Adventure page and prioritized throughout the website.

  • Up to 1000 words of copy
  • Up to 10 photos
  • Slideshows can be incorporated
  • Video can be incorporated
  • Hyperlink/Logo needed
  • Additional links on related content throughout the website
  • Posted monthly as a stand-alone article to maximize the impressions. Posting pattern can be modified for companies with seasonal offerings.

Example | When reviewing likes and views, please keep in mind that the new website has been up since January 1,2019.

Social Media Advocacy (Limited to 10/year) | $1250/year

This package augments and amplifies existing social media marketing efforts OR it serves as a surrogate for businesses with a limited social media footprint. The tactics vary based on the company’s social media activity and priorities (growth vs. increased engagement/reach, etc). Additionally, I limit participation to keep the content composition balanced on Nomad social media platforms (history, activities, food, travel, etc).

  • Hyperlink/Logo needed
  • Additional links on related content throughout the website
  • Premium Listing
    • Up to 1000 words of copy
    • Up to 10 photos
    • Slideshows
    • Video
    • Posted monthly as a stand-alone article to maximize the impressions
  • Social Media Advocacy
    • Benefit to companies actively utilizing social media
      • Boosts engagement/reach of existing content
      • Accelerates audience growth
    • Benefit to companies who are not active on social media
      • New Mexico Nomad serves as a social media surrogate
      • Increased brand recognition
      • Driving traffic to website
      • Social Media Development

The Social Media Advocacy is tailored to each participant’s objectives. For example, social media amplification consists of bi-weekly posts on Twitter and Facebook OR weekly posts on one social media channel. Strategy is based on sharing content on behalf of companies who are active on social media or creating content on behalf of companies who are not active on social media.

Snowshoe Rental

Social Media Metrics & Third Party Audit of Post Value

Current participants

  1. High Country Anglers (Northern NM Fly Fishing)
  2. World Balloon (Hot Air Ballooning, Albuquerque)
  3. Pueblo Balloon (Hot Air Ballooning, Taos)
  4. Los Rios River Runners (Rafting the upper Rio Grande & Rio Chama)
  5. Ted Turner Expeditions (Eco-Tours)
  6. Geronimo Trail Guest Ranch (Horseback Riding)
  7. Inn of the Mountain Gods & Ski Apache (Horseback Riding, Spa, Fishing, Zip Lining, etc)
  8. Zuni tours (History, Heritage and Cultural Tours)
  9. MST Adventures (Paddle Boarding, Snowshoeing, Equipment rental)
  10. Southwest Expeditions (Tours/Guide Services southern New Mexico)
  11. Hyatt Tamaya (Spa, Horseback Riding and Golf)
  12. WolfHorseOutfitters (Horseback Riding)

For more information, email or call (505) 933-1345.

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