Entry Process Tailored To Goals

  • Social Media Audience Growth
  • Increase in engagement and reach
  • Prolonged exposure
  • Increased web traffic
  • Newsletter signups
  • User submitted content (photos/video/testimonials)

Dripping Springs Trail

Leverage New Mexico Nomad to amplify awareness and increase participation in destination marketing on social media. In addition to increasing participation, I would conduct a 2-3 day “Road Trip Treasure Hunt” to increase interest in the campaign and awareness of the area. This also provides an opportunity to promote local businesses. See below.

Main Prize Package

  • Hotel
    2-night lodging
  • Dining
    2 breakfast, 2 dinner
  • Activity
    One activity. Provide options to choose from for broader appeal (horseback riding, zip line, golf, spa day, etc.).

Optional: Swags helps, with logo/website/branded.

Sunrise at White Sands

Road Trip Treasure Hunt | 2-3 Days

The teaser campaign related to the route will start 1-2 weeks prior to departure, on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. No specific drops will be announced ahead of time. I will drop swag bags at 10-12 locations/day for 2-3 days, with drops arranged ahead of time at key locations, historic sites/visitor centers, key locally owned businesses, restaurants, interesting stores, etc. I’ll provide a list of options for approval and suggestions. It typically takes 30-45 days to put together the route, swag bags, marketing, etc.

How does it work?

  1. At each drop, I will take a photo, video or livestream to announce the location/drop completed.
  2. The first person to come in with the password (Nomad, of course) gets the swag bag.
  3. The person giving it to them takes a photo to confirm it has been picked up and uploads to at least one form of social media, tagging New Mexico Nomad, the Sponsor of the campaign, and the business where they picked it up (if possible), and/or applicable hash tags.

Since the swag bag is involved in two of the photos for each stop, it should be branded based on the sponsor of the campaign, with key hashtags. Local discounts, stickers, and other small items would be helpful in terms of multiple people showing up or people who aren’t in the area at that moment.

Whereas I can provide stickers, water bottles, key fobs, water bottles, etc. for the swag bag, it is more effective for the sponsor to include items (trail maps, city maps, information about the area, stickers, pens…something branded).

Additionally, if local businesses want to include samples or discounts, we can include those items as well. Local businesses can leverage Nomad specific discounts for additional benefit over a longer period of time. Call to discuss.