Instagram audience by ageInstagram launched on the first day of Balloon Fiesta in 2015. Currently, I post 2-3 times per day, which is moderate volume for Instagram. I use the account to promote local photographers and use my photos to micro-blog about destinations, events or experiences. Though I present the content differently, the mix is still a blend of culture, food, history, nature and travel.

Using Instagram for marketing purposes is rapidly growing in popularity, with over 70% of companies using the platform in 2017, compared to less than 50% in 2016.

I leverage Instagram on behalf of partners. However, there are no posts in the gallery that are blatantly an ad. My concern about incorporating Instagram into the marketing mix in an official capacity (via contests, campaigns, photos and stories) is that inauthentic content and ads undermine the platform. There are numerous ways to use Instagram to promote Nomad partners and destinations. Based on the medium, a longer term strategy and organic approach is necessary to maintain brand integrity and authenticity.

The marketing methodology is based on being a brand ambassador for destinations and companies that I would legitimately recommend. I structured campaigns based on consistency and repetition over an extended period of time, with the goal of piquing interest and provoking a response.

In terms of messaging, I utilize the copy and hash-tags to drive content to the appropriate audience with any call to action embedded in the copy. Additionally, I cross post media to Facebook and Twitter. I have several ideas for campaigns to accelerate growth, but they are contingent upon finding additional partners and funding.

The Audience

The Instagram audience skews younger than Twitter or Facebook, mostly under 35. New Mexico and neighboring states are well represented, augmented by a significant national and international presence. The top five markets are Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Las Cruces, El Paso, and Rio Rancho.

Whereas the account is steadily growing, there are numerous opportunities to improve. I have reduced the number of featured photos and will be increasing the frequency of Instagram stories, live streaming, and micro-blogging in 2019. I will continue to feature photos by others, but I am hoping to implement a monthly campaign to increase the activity on the hash tag and to accelerate growth.


The cumulative tally of all the times the image/video has been seen is total Instagram Impressions. This includes not when it appears in a followers’ timeline, when it appears in a search, and when someone likes it or comments. It does not include impressions due to a website embed or impressions on social media or text preview.

Post Value

I checked two third party resources to assess post value. The value cited is not a variable when structuring campaign pricing. However, third party tools are useful to assess the impact, value, performance and effectiveness of New Mexico Nomad as a marketing partner. The goal is to develop a large, engaged audience and to create effective marketing campaigns that are financially accessible to small, local businesses.

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Instagram post value estimate 1

Estimate 2 | Influencer Fee

Instagram post value estimate 2

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