The New Mexico Nomad website was created to promote the state and local businesses. National advertisers are not allowed on the website. Links, logos and ads are based on context, usually focused on region. For example, articles related to anything near Ruidoso features Ruidoso lodging, dining, and adventures. In terms of ads/links featured, I draw from the pool of sponsors and companies participating in New Mexico Nomad marketing campaigns.

2019 Focus on Website Traffic

I spent 2016 creating content and developing an audience. Audience growth and additional content were the 2017 priorities. I focused on Instagram and Twitter in 2018 based on a desire to diversify the audience and extend the reach nationally and internationally. Whereas audience growth and more engagement on social media are ongoing priorities, the focus in 2019 includes increasing website traffic and developing the Pinterest account. Rebuilding the New Mexico Nomad website in December, 2018 is part of the website traffic initiative.

Website Demographics

75% of the website traffic is coming from users who are 35+. Most of the content is long-form rather than short blogs or memes. The audience is 64% female and predominantly American. This isn’t surprising, because Facebook was the main source of traffic in 2018. The website metrics correlate with the Facebook metrics. As the Twitter audience grows, it will be interesting to see how that impacts international traffic.

Rebuilding the Website

Three years of adding media heavy content to the website resulted in load times slightly faster than a well sedated snail. As a result, I rebuilt the entire website in December, switching from a website builder to a content manager (WordPress). The goal was to reduce load time and increase traffic. I launched the new website on January 1st. The response has been wonderful, with over 125,000 page views and over 90,000 visitors in January.

Nomad Newsletter

There are currently over 1200 people on the mailing list. As the list of subscribers grow, the plan is to use the newsletter on behalf of my partners in the future, e.g. sales, specials, promotions, events, etc. It is another tool in the toolbox. However, it isn’t a tool that anyone is currently using.


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