When I launched New Mexico Nomad in 2015, I integrated Facebook, Instagram and Twitter quickly. The plan was to develop a large, diverse audience rather than trying to dominate one channel. For the sake of branding, I claimed the New Mexico Nomad brand name on additional channels. YouTube is primarily leveraged to house video, though I have plans for developing the channel in the future. Tumblr remains low priority. Pinterest is part of the growth plan for 2019. For more information about 2018 in general and plans for 2019, click here.


Pinterest was low priority when I signed up in 2016. With no content and no partners, it was a bookmark for the future. The future is now. There is a substantial pool of content on the website and several partners would potentially derive benefit from a larger audience on that platform. It is another useful marketing tool in the social media toolbox.

Though the current audience is small, Pinterest has been steadily generating more traffic to the website. It is low maintenance compared to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Currently the audience is 3,493. The goal is to increase that to 10,000 by the end of 2019. This goal ties into plans for launching shopping in 2020.

Pinterest engagement
The spike in impressions and engagement on January 9th was adding several recipes. Posting food related content on Pinterest is like throwing chum in the water. It seems to provoke a swarm of activity.

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YouTube will become a priority in 2020. The website rebuild incorporated several of the short videos. It will be interesting to see what impact that has on views, traffic and organic growth in 2019.

I attempted to pull data for 2018 on YouTube, but there are reasons to believe it isn’t accurate. For example, it reported that 100% of the audience is male, between 55-64. That seems statistically unlikely. Additionally, the views skyrocketed this month. That could be due to embedding videos in the new website. The website has received a major influx of traffic since the launch. It could also be a reporting error or bots.

I will update this section as soon as I can confirm the accuracy with YouTube.


Tumblr remains low priority. Content is cross posted from the New Mexico Nomad website and Instagram. That may change in the future, but Tumblr currently has a porn problem. They are trying to get the issue under control, but growth strategy is in a holding pattern until there is a discernible shift in the environment.

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If you would like more information or have questions, contact nmnomadproductions@gmail.com

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